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After our son was diagnosed with dyslexia we tried a couple different methods to help him. It wasn’t until we found Dyslexia North Idaho that we found the help we needed. Our son has gained the tools he needs to succeed in school. He is now more confident and showing huge improvements in reading. We are most grateful that our son now wants to and has the tools to improve and grow in all areas of school. 

LC (mom) 

Liz is the absolute best!!! My daughter is dyslexic and Liz has helped her so much! Dedicated to my daughter 100 percent! We absolutely love her and my daughter is doing so well!! Liz is the person you want to help your child in need!! (LC - mom)

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After tons of research into dyslexia and trying to figure out how to help my son read, I stumbled across Liz and the Davis method. Talk about an answer to my and my son's prayers! Instead of trying to train my son's dyslexia out of him, Liz worked with his strengths and taught him skills to help him focus and learn to read. Her positive attention to his needs and abilities was fantastic. I can't recommend Liz highly enough. In addition to helping my 10-year-old son, she has looked into ways to answer my questions about my 14-year-old son who has slight dyslexia. She continues to send me articles to help him, even though he isn't officially her client. If you or your child struggles with reading and you suspect dyslexia, don't hesitate -- give Liz a call! I'm so grateful we found her when we did. Mom to LJ

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Liz has given my daughter a new outlook on reading. Before going through the program my daughter viewed reading as a chore and something to be avoided at all costs. After the program my daughter is now excited to read and more importantly, she feels empowered to take her reading ability into her own hands. Thanks for empowering my child with knowledge and techniques that she can use throughout her whole life. (CW's dad)

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