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Reading - Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program

AGE:  8+

SYMPTOM:  Reading Dyslexia

DURATION:  Five (5) consecutive days

Expect to improve in:

  • Controlling mistakes in reading

  • Improvement in reading fluency and comprehension

  • Focusing

  • Self confidence

Step 1 - Take the on-line assessment

Step 2 - Call 425-231-9705 for Initial Consultation and Symptoms Profile to determine if the Davis® Program is a suitable solution for your or your child's learning difficulties and goals.

What to expect:

The Program

  • Positive

  • Creative-based

  • ~ 2 weeks long (half days)

  • DESIGNED for visual-spatial person

  • Addresses more than symptoms of dyslexia

  • No tedious drills and repetitions

  • Gets to root cause of learning difficulty

  • Corrects based on natural strengths, learning style and talents

  • Client learns how THEY learn

  • Leave with ability to implement knowledge obtained during the program into daily life.

After the Program

Client finishes program with all of the:

  • Tools to read with ease

  • Understanding

  • Materials necessary to implement program into day lives

  • Achieve positive results

  • Davis Symbol Mastery® of 219 "trigger words" (those words that do not have a visual image) is an essential part of the correction of Dyslexia

Support Training

  • Essential to making dyslexia a non-issue

  • Usually accomplished with either a:

    • family support person,

    • another tutor-facilitator

  • Training on last half of last day

  • Follow-up materials,  3-6 hours of in-person follow-up with facilitator, included in program price 

  • Typical follow-up work for the reading program consists of:

    • Mastering 217 dyslexia trigger words in clay

    • Typical time needed ~ 30 mins per trigger words at first 

    • Goes quicker after ~ 50 words mastered

  • Reading exercises

  • Can take 6 months to a year depending on motivation of person

  • Other activities as needed

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