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AGE: 8+


DURATION: Five (5) consecutive days

Expect to improve in:

  • Proficiency to manage and keep focus

  • Understanding of consequence

  • Ability to correct annoying attitudes and actions

Suspect a focusing issue: 

Call 425-231-9705 for Initial Consultation and Symptoms Profile to determine if the Davis® Program is a suitable solution for your or your child's learning difficulties and goals.




Do you or your child:

  • Find it hard to manage time?

  • Tend to be easily distracted?

  • Prone to daydreaming?

  • Act first - Think second?

  • Constantly deal with being disorganized?

  • Have difficulty making or keeping friends?

  • Struggle with understanding and following instructions?

  • Have too much or too little energy for what needs to be done?

Drug Free Solution:

The Davis® Attention Mastery program is a DRUG FREE solution that addresses: 

  • Problems dealing with attention

    • Using simple self-regulating tools  and techniques to help with:

      • focus

      • control of energy

      • stress

    • Davis® Concept Mastery allows you to examine your own behavior and the impact it has on others.

Focus on Gifts:


Davis Dyslexia focuses on the positive attributes or gifts in the following ways:

  • Multi-tasking talents

  • Creative thinker

  • Playfulness and flair

  • Innate curiosity 

  • Ambitious risk taker

  • Optimistic

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