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AGE: 8+

SYMPTOMS: Dyscalculia (Math difficulties)

DURATION: Eight (8) days

Expect to Improve in:

  • A concrete understanding of the foundations of math.

  • Proficiency to manage and keep focus

  • Understanding of consequence

  • Ability to correct annoying attitudes and actions

Call 425-231-9705 for Initial Consultation and Symptoms Profile to determine if the Davis® Program is a suitable solution for you or your child's learning difficulties and goals.

Math dyslexia (Dyscalculia) - More common than you can imagine

  • All ages can be frustrated by dyscalculia

  • Davis® Math Mastery Program attacks root cause

  • Tools provided to observe and deal with triggers in math

  • Program compliments natural ‘picture thinking’ style of learning

  • Begins with Orientation Counseling

  • Once oriented, mastery of critical Davis Concept Mastery for understanding math occurs

  • Critical concepts include:

    • Change

    • Consequence

    • Cause/Effect 

    • Before/After

    • Time

    • Sequence

    • Order/Disorder

Davis® Math Mastery will provide:

  • The ability to understand core concepts

  • Begins process of working abstractly with numbers

  • Words like "and," "in," and "as" in word problems will no longer disorient

  • Once concepts mastered, twelve activities, (modeled in clay), go through fundamentals in math, including:​

  • Sorting

  • Counting

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Fractions

  • Decimals

  • Place Value

Girl happily doing math problems
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