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Getting Started:

4 Parts to the Davis Program:

  • Assessment:

    • First step to determine if you or your child is suitable candidate for Davis programs

    • Takes around 2 hrs.

    • Location: Post Falls office (can Zoom for long distant clients)

    • Huge factor in success are motivation and previous experiences 

  • Program:

    • ​Intensive (with breaks)

    • One-on-One

    • 30 hours (over 5 days) learning/using

    • 6 hours per day

    • Monday through Friday (flexed to Wed.- Fri & then following Mon & Tues.)

    • Typically 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (flexibility) 

    • One hour lunch break

    • Program tailored to meet individual needs of client


  • Support Training:

    • Provided for supporting parent(s)/support person(s)

    • Occurs on last half of last day of program

    • Provides guidance/direction for client’s follow-up work

    • Client receives materials needed to fulfill their goals in backpack​

  • After the Program:

    • ​3-4 follow-ups (in person, phone email) up to 6 hours of review

    • 5-day program just the beginning

    • Many changes are evident by the end of the week:

      • Children (on average) can increase by one or two grade levels in reading/focusing

      • Several grade level improvements often experienced in older children / adults

      • Future progress determined by:

        • motivation 

        • support

        • completion of follow-up work

        • continued use of the tools and techniques learned in the programs

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