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“Retaining the Struggling Adult Learner”

“Retaining the Struggling Adult Learner”

Liz Bertran


As a goal of higher education, faculty and staff members can aid in retention of both the struggling and non-struggling adult learners by integrating a few simple practices into their interactions with students. The approach begins with understanding that this population has identifiable characteristics. Since childhood, their learning struggles and confidence levels may have been undermined. Many are right-brained, picture-thinkers that do not learn by techniques that focus on standard instructional methods. By recognizing how these students learn and incorporating some simple practices into how to interact with them, students will be free to become confident and successful learners. Application of these techniques will aid those who participate in face-to-face classes and in on-line formats. The recommendations suggested are designed to embolden this population of adult learners to be more confident and successful so they can accomplish their goals; and also have the outcome of better retention.

Supporting the Success of Adult and Online Students – Proven Practices in Higher Ed. (Chapter 25, Page 293-294, 2016)

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